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Get 1 Free Delicious Dish for Friday!

Buy 01 Pizza size M/L and 01 Pepsi (can/1.5L bottle), get 01 free Garlic Bread every Friday
  • Veggie
  • Hawaiian
  • Ham & Mushroom
    Ham & Mushroom
  • Double Pepperoni
    Double Pepperoni
  • Double Cheese
    Double Cheese
  • Chicken Caldo
    Chicken Caldo
  • Super Deluxe [+20,000đ]
    Super Deluxe [+20,000đ]
  • Meat Deluxe [+20,000đ]
    Meat Deluxe [+20,000đ]
  • Deluxe [+20,000đ]
    Deluxe  [+20,000đ]
  • Chicken Trio [+20,000đ]
    Chicken Trio [+20,000đ]
  • Canadian Bacon [+20,000đ]
    Canadian Bacon  [+20,000đ]
  • Bacon Super Delight [+20,000đ]
    Bacon Super Delight  [+20,000đ]
  • Aloha [+20,000đ]
    Aloha [+20,000đ]
  • Tropical Seafood [+30,000đ]
    Tropical Seafood  [+30,000đ]
  • Shrimp Cocktail [+30,000đ]
    Shrimp Cocktail [+30,000đ]
  • Seafood Deluxe [+30,000đ]
    Seafood Deluxe  [+30,000đ]
  • Seafood Cocktail [+30,000đ]
    Seafood Cocktail  [+30,000đ]
  • Seafood Pesto [+70,000đ]
    Seafood Pesto [+70,000đ]
  • Pepsi Can
    Pepsi Can
  • Pepsi Black Lime Can
    Pepsi Black Lime Can
  • Pepsi Black Can
    Pepsi Black Can
  • Pepsi 1,5l [+10,000đ]
    Pepsi 1,5l [+10,000đ]
  • Garlic bread
    Garlic bread



- Applicable for Take-away and Delivery services of The Pizza Company
- Unlimited number of gifted products (when buying 01 Pizza size M/L and 01 Pepsi (can/1.5L bottle)) per bill
- Not applicable for Chat Pizza and Apple Crispy Pizza
- Not applicable with other promotions, discount combos, etc.
- Not applicable on Public Holidays (including Tet holidays from February 11, 2021 to February 14, 2021)